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“Bali swing” Vietnamese version in Quang Binh.

At Wild Boar Eco Farm, this game is named Bong Lai Swing Adventure. The swing is located near a wooden hut where you can relax and cool.

Swings are designed enough for one person to sit, ropes fastened to the body of two big stumps and equipped with a protective cord.

The majestic natural scenery of Bong Lai valley.

With the view overlooking the valley of Bong Lai in the park of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, which is full of green trees, far away from the mountains and forests, this place quickly makes curious visitors come.

According to the owner of Wild Boar Eco Farm, swings were available at his family’s home two years ago but on a small scale. It took him a month to design and complete the current scale adventure game.

To play, you have to be brave.

The current 7.5 meter long rope is connected from two melaleuca trees planted 10 years ago. The swings of this farm can fly high compared to the spring water about 15 m.

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