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While certain Walmart locations eventually marked those first-generation units down to as low as $75, Bachrach claims this wasn’t a sales issue or quality problem. “We can’t dictate what a retailer will sell their product for. What I can tell you is a retailer only has so much space… if they sell 98% of their inventory and they want to get rid of the last 2% so they can make space for a new title, they look at what they can do to an immediate effect to get rid of whatever is there.”

Bachrach shows off some of Arcade1Up’s newest cabinets at this year’s E3.

In any case, Bachrach said Arcade1Up’s days of low-quality parts are behind it. “We reacted to those [complaints],” he told Ars, noting the improvements have been made between the Arcade1Up’s original Asteroids release and the new TMNT machine. “We’re using better controllers, we’re using better switches, we’re using better buttons,” he said. “We put more packing material on the inside [of the box]. We have really stepped up our game as a result of the community telling us what they don’t like and what the problems are that they may have experienced.”

Bachrach also pointed proudly to the stronger materials and a new type of trackball on Arcade1Up’s version of Golden Tee, a game that needs to be able to take a beating thanks to enthusiastic trackball spinning.

Based on a review sample of its Marvel Super Heroes cabinet, things have definitely improved since those early cabinets. The new screens boast far better contrast, the cabinet’s wood feels both heavier and sturdier, and the control panels are now covered by hard plastic to prevent wear. Assembly is still relatively easy (aside from some tiny screws that hold the LCD screen), and everything survived delivery intact (except for a minor glue-like substance on the side art). The Marvel Super Heroes cabinet is also the first legitimate home release for The Punisher arcade game since a limited Sega Genesis port, and it seems to be emulated quite well on Arcade1Up’s board.

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