Since LinkedIn is a professional social network, there are no friends, you have professional connections. And there may be three degrees of your LinkedIn connections–first, second, or third. 

People in the connections of the first degree are those with whom you are friends. You can send them an invitation to connect. By sending a direct message to LinkedIn, you could quickly get in contact with them. Most specifically, you can show their contact details and collect their email addresses.  

2nd-degree connections on LinkedIn are the people connected with those to which you are connected–a friend of my friend’s situation (Mutual Friends). So, when you push the Connect button, they will easily become your 1st-degree connections. Unfortunately, you can’t communicate with them until you see their contact details. Once you update your LinkedIn plan, you can give them a message. 

Third-degree connections are those connected with the second bond. The service is the same: there are no available messages and contact information

You can get in touch with just the 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn and get the email addresses. And where do you consider your 2nd and 3rd connections ‘ LinkedIn reference emails?

How to get 2nd and 3rd connection emails with Email Finder tool:

FIND EMAIL ADDRESS is an Email Finder tool that searches anywhere for email addresses. With this tool, you can easily get contact details from LinkedIn, regardless of the degree of connection. 

Step 1-Create a Find Email Address account:

The first step is to create a Find Email Address account and install the Email Finder extension. When registering, you can sign up using email or with your Gmail account. The extension automatically integrates with your Find Email Address account and you can start using Find Email Address and LinkedIn to find emails. 

Step 2. Perform the LinkedIn search:

Go to LinkedIn and enter your search parameters, for example, “SEO specialist”. In the Connections tab, choose 2nd and 3rd+ connections, then select the necessary Locations. Use advanced filters if necessary. 

Once you’ve filtered the users, activate the email finder extension by clicking its icon in the toolbar. In the extension, choose the list to add the selected prospects (i.e. contacts) to. You can also create a new list by clicking the ⊕ button next to the list field. Click the Find Emails and Save button. EOLBREAK 

The extension will now redirect you to the next search step: to protect your LinkedIn account from being blocked, set the search limits: define the number of pages you want to search (if there’s more than one page available) and the pauses between the pages. Find an Email Address that will set these automatically, but you can edit them if necessary. Click the Find Emails and Save button again. 

Wait until the extension finishes collecting the prospects and click the Go to list button. This will take you to your Find Email Address profile and the list of freshly collected prospects. 

Step 3. Manage the list:

When the search is over, click the Go to list button. A new tab with your Find Email Address account will open where you can sort, filter, and manage the list. The added emails are already verified. After verification, every email address is marked with the respective indicator: • Email not found –white• Valid –green• Uncertain –yellow• Invalid –red

Find Email Address doesn’t just collect the contact details –it collects the full prospect profile. If you click the prospect’s find email address by name, you will see the profile generated by Find Email Address based on the contact’s LinkedIn profile. It will include:1. Locality2. Industry3. Country4. Links to known social networks5. Email6. Experience (current and previous)

How to get 2nd and 3rd connection emails with LinkedIn Helper:

And here’s another way to get the 2nd and 3rd connection details on LinkedIn. Download and install the Linked Helper extension as per the instructions provided. Note, there is a free 14-day trial for the Linked Helper. The price starts at $15 a month after the trial. 

The Linked Helper Extractor will not provide you with everything that Find Email Address does

The LinkedIn Helper tool works on-page, the automatic lag between two searches is 45 seconds, although in the Timeout settings tab you can change it. Often, these timeouts were intended to prevent LinkedIn from blocking the page

Go to LinkedIn and use the correct parameters to select members. Activate Linked Helper at the bottom of the window, open the Extractor Profiles tab (third) and tap the Extract button. By clicking the Stop Profiles Extraction button, you can stop the process at any time.

Tap the Download CSV file on the Export tab. All the profiles and details gathered will be saved as a folder. Open the CSV file and treat the columns of data as needed. That’s it! You can show the improved leads from your 2nd and 3rd LinkedIn contacts. If you need to add emails to the registry, you can upload it Find Email Address tool and use one of the features of email finderto get prospects ‘ email addresses.


When you have something you want to sell, it makes sense to go beyond the first-level network to the millions (nearly 18 million in my case) of people through your 2nd or 3rd-level network. Yet how do you reach these directly, all at once, 

Sadly, this could never be achieved with LinkedIn because itpreferred to limit potential spamming. If you know what LinkedIn is, you can see how it makes no sense to be able to communicate easily with people with which you are not personally connected.

Whether you choose to use FIND EMAIL ADDRESS Email Finder or the LinkedIn help tool, the lead list on your LinkedIn 2nd and 3rd connections is enriched and ready to use

Would you like to transform them as easily as you can without wasting your precious little time? Using one of our templates, start a highly personalized and automated email drip campaign with FIND EMAIL ADDRESS.

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