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You’ll probably that at any one point in time a few of your friends are going to be in the process of updating their bathrooms. Usually this is bathroom basin because groups of friends tend to settle down and buy houses roughly around the same time so they wind up in a kind of weird decorating sync pattern when it comes to their homes.

Some of you might find that you don’t need to do a complete remodel. You might just need to change out the bathroom wallpaper and replace it with a nice neutral paint color – I’ve always had a problem with that contour style of bathroom wallpaper. It just never looks right to me. Having a nice neutral color allows you to change the whole look of the bathroom by just changing the color of the towels and bathroom rugs and maybe one or two other accessories. Sometimes these few simple steps are enough to keep a bathroom in good shape for more years than you’d imagine.

For some of your friends though it might be time for a complete remodel of the bathroom. Décor in any room can get old quickly but bathrooms can age much faster than other rooms in your home. Those light fixtures you once loved could do with a modern touch. The bath tub surround is looking a bit nasty so time to replace that. That carpet in the bathroom (what are you doing putting carpet in a bathroom) that once looked nice and fresh is now just nasty and probably smells a bit too – time to replace that with some clean, fresh bathroom tiles.

One item that has changed a lot over the years is the bathroom basin. The new designs are attracting a lot of attention from home owners – especially the vessel bowl style. These are the large glass/ceramic bowl style of basin you might be used to seeing in more up-market hotels and restaurants. Some people are worried that these are just a fad and the notion will pass – I’ve seen this type of basin in use for the last 8 years or so now so I’m not sure it’s just a passing decorating fad at all. It’s going to be down to what you like in your home but these basins do need a bit more space than your standard sink so take that into account before you start into the buying process.

One advantage of redoing your bathroom basins is that it normally gives you a chance to fitting more storage space underneath them in a new or remodeled vanity – especially with the vessel bowl style of basin – they require a large flat surface so you can use the space in their vanity for storing spare towels or just your usually random assortment of bathroom items (old aftershave, empty perfume bottles etc – just kidding).

So maybe the time has come to remodel your bathroom or just give it a swift update with a new vanity and some new basins – maybe those His and Hers types?


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