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The most recent scene of Choti Sardarni starts with Rana soliciting Kulwant from where did all from this cash come. Kulwant says this is the official money for fixing the streets. Sarab gets back home and reveals to Param that today his dad will do make a work of art.

Seeing his dad paint Choti Sardarni, Param gets up and discloses to Sarab that even he needs to paint. Kulwant ponders that the blackmailer requested that her meet around early afternoon yet it is 12:30 and she can’t see him anyplace.

Exactly right then and there, Meher comes masked in a turban. Kulwant gives all the cash to Meher as an end-result of the considerable number of pictures of Meher and Manav. Meher goes to meet Bittu and gives him the cash. Bittu gets shocked and embraces Meher.

 He at that point says that Sarab must be a fortunate man to get a spouse like her. Meher gets back home to discover Param and Sarab painting. Param asks Sarab and Meher to investigate his artwork.

The two of them get baffled taking a gander at the composition as they couldn’t comprehend what Param has drawn. Sarab gets somewhat baffled and asks Param to adhere to his guidelines yet Param flees saying that he wouldn’t like to paint any longer.

Meher discloses to Sarab this isn’t an approach to converse with a kid. She at that point instructs Param how to paint. Nirja discloses to Avtar that she is sending an application to the Principal of the City school London for Param’s confirmation.

Avtar questions her adage that how might she be certain to the point that Sarab will lose the case. Nirja says that she knows this from her experience. Param goes to Nirja and Avtar’s space to give them his composition. Nirja asks him where are his grandparents in this.

Param says that they are returning to London. Nirja reveals to her that even Param will oblige them. Param says that he will remain with his folks and won’t go to London. Jitto’s folks come to Kulwant and reveal to them that they have organized Rs 5 crores. Kulwant says that now the wedding date can be fixed yet in addition ponders from where did they get the cash. Param while attempting to get the hang of skipping falls and damages himself. Meher prevents Param from crying.

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