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Maura told Curtis that she liked him during last night’s showCredit: ITV

Another added: “Like Maura but this is so sly, how can u watch a girl cry about a boy to try and graft him SNAKE.”

A third commented: “Maura wanting to crack on with Curtis is such a snake move, but damn it’s keeping the season afloat #loveisland”

And a fourth said: “Said it all along, Maura is the biggest snake in there. CLEARLY she feels like girl code doesn’t apply to her #loveIsland”

Credit: ITV

Amy watched on in horror as Maura danced with Curtis earlier in the episodeMaura previously expressed that she is a firm believer in girl code during an intense chat with Elma Pazar, who admitted that she was interested in Tom Walker, despite Maura “claiming” him.

During the conversation, which occurred nearly three weeks ago, Maura accused Elma of going back on her word as she said: “You said you weren’t interested.”

Elma, 26, replied bluntly: “I wasn’t interested.”

Maura and Amy had been quite close in the pastCredit: ITV

Maura hit back: “But you are now? We’re friends and I know if I was in your situation and a guy came in that you liked, I wouldn’t do that.”

She added “If Tom wanted you, what would you do?”

Elma replied: “We get on but I made it clear that I wouldn’t want to tread on your toes.”

And Maura said: “Girl code. I just wouldn’t. I don’t want to get into another love triangle especially with my friend.”

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