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There’s nothing quite like building your own home, especially when you have a trusted builder that ensures it goes well from start to finish. Buying a custom home can be a dream process, or it can be full of pitfalls, mistakes, and frustrations. We’ve witnessed enough heartbreak firsthand in the custom home building industry. To avoid the same things happening to you, it helps to look at the mistakes other people have made to create a better outcome. Here are six interesting, real-life situations and how they turned out., home remodeling marietta ga.

In Wisconsin, a family was left with a home that was about half unfinished after the builder simply walked away from it. Over a disagreement on the amount of money the new homeowners had agreed with the builder, the builder simply walked away from the project and left the couple to find other contractors to finish it, and they are still charging the family for the work. The problem is a mediation/arbitration clause in the contract that eliminated the property owner’s ability to go after the builder in court.

How to avoid this situation: Make sure you read your contract. Understand every element within it. Do this with an attorney that represents you before you move forward with the project.

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