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Nguyen Van Thao of Lam Binh district participated in this year’s race for the first time. He said as soon as the plan to host the competition was announced, he was taught how to hold the paddle, sit on the boat, and paddle efficiently across the water.

Thao said, “We are honored to participate in this year’s competition and learn from the other athletes. I competed in the men’s team category.”

du lich quang binh Nguyen Thanh Trung, head of the Hanoi Kayak Racing Club, said, “Kayak racing requires long practice to learn how to conserve strength and paddle in different parts of the course. This year’s competition was bigger and more professional than last year’s event.”

Kayakers should observe the following safety rules, according to Tran Trung Kien of the Umove SUP Club in Hanoi:

“First, make sure you always have a way to contact someone or call for help when you paddle a kayak far from the shore. Buy a waterproof bag for your phone and other necessities.”

“Second, take along a floating device such as a life jacket. It doesn’t have to look beautiful, but it will be really useful in any emergency.”

“Third, check the weather and tide, a key factor to ensure your safety. You should know for sure what time the tide comes in and goes out.”

“Be sure to wear the right clothes. If it is forecast to get cold, you should bring an extra coat to keep warm. There are many wind- and water-resistant jackets to choose from. If it will be hot, be prepared to protect your skin from the sun.”

“If you are not a professional kayaker, seriously consider hiring a kayak tour guide. An experienced guide will make sure you have the right equipment and techniques, and will increase the safety of your trip,” said Kien.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is developing a white paper on the management of adventure tourism activities. Once it’s issued, the white paper will be a foundation for good management of adventure tourism services in Vietnam, including kayaking. VOV5

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